Friday, January 29, 2010


I know, I've been slacking. Still haven't plugged in that scanner. I bought some nice sketchbooks the other day along with additional pencils, so the thought is there. I also caught a headcold from my friend/co-worker, so I've barely wanted to be awake, let alone draw or work my full shift.

So instead of drawing, I'll put up a picture I took recently.

I went over to my friend Summer's house. She has four cats, two are kittens. This one is named Monster. He is just the fluffiest most adorable kitty. Like a ragamuffin homeless cat, but it's just his hair going all kinds of directions that makes him look so endearing.

This weekend I am staffing over at AOD in San Francisco, so while I'll probably be on the compy using the wi-fi at the hotel, I won't be posting. Not that I was much in the first place. I'll try better in February! If in the SF area and if you are a fan animation/etc, come on by.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


There's something psychological someone can say about it, but I've always liked to doodle eyes. I think they're fun to draw, windows into the soul blahblahblah.

I decided to do this post just to show I haven't forgotten about this, just that my art is being drawn carefully in pencil in my sketchbook and my scanner is buried and terrible. My friend just gave me this fax/scanner/copier/printer thing that I haven't installed yet, so I'll do that later and see how that whole situation goes and maybe you'll get some non-digital pieces from me soon.

In the meantime, you get comic-booky eyes!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Digital Artz

Okay, so like we're in January mode at work which totally means lots of overtime... which also means less personal time. And I want overtime, it's not mandatory. I have a good job that has nothing to do with my hobbies.

I got home today and I had to fix a virus on my Dad's computer. No big, but it took like an hour and a half. Then I thought, I could totally just doodle something on my tablet pc... which ended up a comedy of WHAT TABLET DRIVER. After some googling and research I just reinstalled the driver. Can't calibrate, but it appears to be working better than before I installed so... yeah. That's what I get for allowing Windows updates to install I suppose.

Back to the subject at hand, despite owning a Wacom (or 2), I really suck at digital art. Coloring pictures, creating pics from scratch. Illustrator is my nemesis. I am good friends with Photoshop, but he is quite outdated. My tablet pc came with a cheapy version of Coreldraw which is fun, but I actually do get frustrated that the stuff doesn't quite play the same as it does on paper. I suppose I'm more of a paper/pen artist, that has an evil scanner. Technically, I'm more of a storyboard artist that can mediocrly put together panels and create a story that someone might be interested in, some day. Either way, I get frustrated with the whole digital process since I would like so much to actually do decent shirt designs, but the concept-to-computer-to-what ends up is never to my satisfaction. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong and really can't afford to take a class to figure it out, because I spend too much money on things like tablet computers. You get the idea.

So I doodled in corel and came up with this lame picture. YAY! Looks to me like a woman with short hair with closed eyes at an angle. Indeed. I think I also want to do like all the X-men. That might be fun in a fan-arty sort of way.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

I went to Disneyland for New Years Eve. I got some great shots, and I really love firework shots. I think I should invest in learning how to do low light pictures, because they are relevant to my interests.