Saturday, November 27, 2010

Comic pages

This assignment was to do 6 panels with a young (approx 6 years old) boy or girl (I chose boy) with a puppy, with 6 different camera angles in devastation.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

School is very time consuming

So time consuming that I really haven't had time to unpack, or do much of anything! Except a lot of artwork. Though they are all just assignments.

I went over to my fellow classmate and friend Rob's house to scan some of the better stuff. I'll gradually upload some over time.

The assignment was to do an inkwash of a cityscape. I ended up with Los Angeles.

This was done from a picture I found on the internets, but generally was just an experiment in inkwash.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Life, already in progress

After taking a tour of the school, doing the Buffy musical thing, dealing with various sicknesses, and having a birthday I applied to the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art near the end of May. I staffed my usual memorial day convention and when I arrived home I received the letter indicating my interview was... 10 days from that date. Dropping another several hundred dollars I don't really have to spare on flight, car rental, etc, I had my interview with the school which I felt I had completely hosed.

About two weeks later, I received the letter. I actually got in. Why I didn't do this 5 years ago? Who knows.

Now I'm just scrambling to try and find financial aid to do this, as I have been comfortably employed the last 5 years at a decent job, I apparently made too much to qualify for any sort free aid. No one taking into account that I really can't WORK while going to school or anything, not at all, but yeah... that's what I'm doing now.

I did a few new pieces for the portfolio, one was a rehash of a Shirt.Woot derby entry that I decided to actually put to canvas to hang or something (because I love The Sims 2 that much).

Maybe when I am constantly doing art in the next year for school I'll actually have something to post.

Monday, May 3, 2010

A busy few months

February I went to Disneyland again with a bunch of friends for their birthdays. One of my good friends got engaged that weekend. It was pretty exciting, but it was a stressful/planning trip. Note, I am not in this picture, I took it: These are the four friends who had birthdays in February!

March had ups and downs. My family pet of 16 and 3/4ths years, Spot, passed away. A lot of the better part of February and March was me taking care of him. While I had access to the internets, I was spending some good time with him. My Dad also had his last day at his job of 37+ years, and my brother got married!

There was this pretty cool Star Trek: The Experience warehouse sale (cool as in, if you are a nerd who likes Star Trek and lives in Las Vegas like I do, it was cool) in April. Picked up some ultimately nerdy costumes, but yet still manage to think it's now trendy to be nerdy. More info on that here.

Then I took the ultimate leap of faith - I visited the college of my dreams. I also saw a lot of really neat stuff in New York over a 5 day period, got experienced in sleeping on a subway and have the motivation to get things done.

I will need to tweak and update my portfolio! I've never been to art college, so I need someone(s) to go over it with me. I have a little bit of local help, but I'm nervous. But it's now or never! Huzzah!

All the while during this, I had Buffy rehearsals almost every friday. We are doing a shadowcast to the Once More With Feeling episode, and I'm Buffy so uh... yeah, monopolizing time muchly. We performed this on April 30th and was, I believe, a success! More performances to follow.

Friday, January 29, 2010


I know, I've been slacking. Still haven't plugged in that scanner. I bought some nice sketchbooks the other day along with additional pencils, so the thought is there. I also caught a headcold from my friend/co-worker, so I've barely wanted to be awake, let alone draw or work my full shift.

So instead of drawing, I'll put up a picture I took recently.

I went over to my friend Summer's house. She has four cats, two are kittens. This one is named Monster. He is just the fluffiest most adorable kitty. Like a ragamuffin homeless cat, but it's just his hair going all kinds of directions that makes him look so endearing.

This weekend I am staffing over at AOD in San Francisco, so while I'll probably be on the compy using the wi-fi at the hotel, I won't be posting. Not that I was much in the first place. I'll try better in February! If in the SF area and if you are a fan animation/etc, come on by.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


There's something psychological someone can say about it, but I've always liked to doodle eyes. I think they're fun to draw, windows into the soul blahblahblah.

I decided to do this post just to show I haven't forgotten about this, just that my art is being drawn carefully in pencil in my sketchbook and my scanner is buried and terrible. My friend just gave me this fax/scanner/copier/printer thing that I haven't installed yet, so I'll do that later and see how that whole situation goes and maybe you'll get some non-digital pieces from me soon.

In the meantime, you get comic-booky eyes!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Digital Artz

Okay, so like we're in January mode at work which totally means lots of overtime... which also means less personal time. And I want overtime, it's not mandatory. I have a good job that has nothing to do with my hobbies.

I got home today and I had to fix a virus on my Dad's computer. No big, but it took like an hour and a half. Then I thought, I could totally just doodle something on my tablet pc... which ended up a comedy of WHAT TABLET DRIVER. After some googling and research I just reinstalled the driver. Can't calibrate, but it appears to be working better than before I installed so... yeah. That's what I get for allowing Windows updates to install I suppose.

Back to the subject at hand, despite owning a Wacom (or 2), I really suck at digital art. Coloring pictures, creating pics from scratch. Illustrator is my nemesis. I am good friends with Photoshop, but he is quite outdated. My tablet pc came with a cheapy version of Coreldraw which is fun, but I actually do get frustrated that the stuff doesn't quite play the same as it does on paper. I suppose I'm more of a paper/pen artist, that has an evil scanner. Technically, I'm more of a storyboard artist that can mediocrly put together panels and create a story that someone might be interested in, some day. Either way, I get frustrated with the whole digital process since I would like so much to actually do decent shirt designs, but the concept-to-computer-to-what ends up is never to my satisfaction. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong and really can't afford to take a class to figure it out, because I spend too much money on things like tablet computers. You get the idea.

So I doodled in corel and came up with this lame picture. YAY! Looks to me like a woman with short hair with closed eyes at an angle. Indeed. I think I also want to do like all the X-men. That might be fun in a fan-arty sort of way.